The Chomp and Chew Snack Box is perfect for dog owners looking to explore the possibility of a more natural diet. Let your dog try and taste some of the favourite natural treats accross the UK right now. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL ORDERS!


What's Included:

  • 1 x Chicken Feet 50g - Super tasty and a naturally packed with collagen. Chicken feet are proven to help aid joint pain, skin health and eradicate plaque.
  • 1 x Tender Beef Fillets 45g - Contains only 2% fat. This treat is full of natural goodness, delicately roasted to preserve the full flavour of beef.
  • 5 x Rabbit Ears - A natural dewormer and source of fibre for your dog. A perfect alternative to the notorious rawhide, rabbit ears have been proven to aid digestion and decrease anxiety.

Chomp and Chew Snack Box