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This months box is sure to get those tails wagging. From Yakers, training treats to Sprats, this box combines a selection of Sam's personal favourites. 

What's included?

  • Himalayan Yak Chew x 2 - Sam is an absolute bundle of energy. Yak chews are long-lasting and are great for when your dog just needs some down-time. Plus they contain many health benefits being in rich in calcium and protein! They are an excellent natural way of fighting plaque and tartar.

  • Chicken feet - These are a favourite at The Dog Den. They are so tasty and contain fewer calories than processed meat. Not forgetting that they are high in collagen which can help improve joint mobility.

  • Sprats - This natural treat can work wonders! Naturally rich Omega 3, sprats are proven to help with skin irritation and joint mobility. Sam absolutely loves sprats! They are a scrumptious treat that are perfect for Sam in his journey with hip-dysplasia. 

  • Forthglade Natural Soft Bites - Naturally grain free with added yucca extract! Yucca can help reduce the odour of your dogs stools.

  • Natures Menu Superfood Bars - Made out of Beef, Spinach and Quinoa these natural dog treats are sure to boost your dogs protein intake!

  • Harringtons Fresh Bakes Roast Chicken Tasty Bones - Grain free, oven baked and easy on sensitive tummies!

  • Buffalo Ear - Long lasting and a leaner alternative to pigs ears. 

Monthly Bonus Accessory:

  • Beco Poo Bags - 60 extra large bags made out of eco-friendly and recycled materials.



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